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The first CIVLIAN rolled out of a poorly lit garage back in 2005. Hand-built by Tyson Hart, a lifelong cyclist with a passion for crafting a custom, purpose-built bicycle as unique as its rider.


Since then the CIVILIAN story has taken as many twists as it has turns, including a short run as the house bike brand at While there Tyson established HART DSGN to continue managing and designing every CIVILIAN and offer cyclists the kind of rides they yearn for – high-quality bikes with clean lines, smart styling, and unique features. A rider’s ride.


Though proud to offer bikes at a more attainable price, producing in mass overseas forced too many compromises and the tough decision was made to put CIVILIAN on hiatus for a while.


But now, with a new-found focus and fervor, CIVILIAN has once again hung its shingle and is ready to offer US-manufactured, dirt-first bikes built in small batches. So whether you’re shredding the nearest flow trail or competing in a local cyclocross race series, CIVILIAN designs a bike built for you. With an acute understanding of what riding on dirt means and an unmatched attention to detail, CIVILIAN is more than the sum of its parts. It’s an extension of who you are and how you ride – and this is evident in every CIVILIAN bike.

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With the rider in mind, Tyson Hart designs every aspect of every CIVILIAN to be simple, purpose-built and beautiful. That’s why all CIVILIAN bicycles bear the HART | DSGN mark, so you know that beyond the clean aesthetic and hand-made craftsmanship, every detail is incorporated with a simple goal in mind – to benefit the ride quality and enhance rider experience. That’s HART | DSGN.


The more youthful, irreverent and sometimes deviant alter ego of CIVILIAN. Clayton is visually represented by the scot logo on every CIVILIAN frame. Standing curiously at attention, but all the while seeming to have something a little more wily up his sleeve. Living for the moment, he reminds us to always stay in touch with our inner Id and that riding a bike is supposed to be freeing and, most importantly, fun!

As an early adopter of the sport of mountain biking, a cyclocross racer and frame builder, I’ve continually fine-tuned the geometry of my bikes in pursuit of the most optimal ride. This, coupled with my inclination toward rubber-meets-the-loam riding, spawned my DIRT-FIRST philosophy. One embracing a childhood sense of wonder and exploration that comes with the path less travelled.


That said, all CIVILIAN bikes have some form of DIRT-FIRST DNA built in…whether that’s the scrutinized and finely tuned geometry of every size frame or a seemingly small and simple feature like mud-defying cyclocross cable routing…it’s all DIRT-FIRST.

~ Tyson Hart

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